Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Introduction

          Hi – My name is Diane Lachtrupp Martinez.  I am a professional dancer,  mother of two sons, wife of my dance partner and gourmet food enthusiast. Four years ago I discovered that I was allergic to gluten, dairy and soy.  Life as I knew it certainly changed; some of it for the better and some became more challenging. 
        Prior to that discovery, my identity was that of a dancer, mom, wife and dinner party hostess extraordinaire.  Now there was a new co-star on the horizon; that of a person with strong food allergies.  Not only was I allergic to gluten but also dairy and soy.  I could deal without soy, but what is life without a crusty baguette or a creamy brie.  I’ll tell you; it is frustrating, bewildering and sometimes isolating. 
          Being allergic to gluten permeates your entire food life: food planning, food shopping, cooking for yourself and the family, dining out and traveling.  In addition to the diet issues,  your health is greatly affected and as a result your sleep, emotional and physical health suffers.  You take it day by day.
       However, I have not and will not let this illness deter me from my culinary desires.  Over the past four years, I have learned how to navigate these allergies and have found ways to still dine out with pleasure, travel with confidence and entertain with panache. 
         One of my goals for this blog are the following: to share information with you regarding shopping, cooking, menu planning and some recipes.  I will go to the next level and share my experiences in dining out at any restaurant, traveling anywhere and entertaining with menus that please you and your guests.  Food allergies, while taken seriously,  are but merely a bump in the road.
      Another goal for this blog is to write about my career and family.  Since both my husband and I are professional dancers as well as theater performers, our careers definitely spill into our family life.  We enjoy a certain theatricality that comes out at the holidays and during our many parties.  Currently, I am choreographing the show “RENT” for a local group.  That will definitely be on the docket as well as anything else I experience.
        AND Finally– let’s vent.  I want to hear from you.  Although I want this blog to be life affirming and positive, let’s face it, we all have cooked two different types of pasta too many times, dealt with an unsympathetic restaurant or endured the blank stare of an uninformed store clerk.  I will share many of my stories and frustrations with you and hope to hear your experiences in your comments.
         No parties or entertaining on the horizon this week, but lots of dancing and choreographing.
Until then,
Diane Lachtrupp Martinez

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