Wednesday, February 9, 2011



Author and dance partner/husband
        I have yet to speak as my Tango Mom persona who lives in my head with Gluten Gal.  Tango Mom is not all about tango, but rather a symbol of any dancing, teaching or choreographing I do.  Tango Mom is constantly discovering ways to combine dancing and choreographing and theater with her two sons.
        For instance, nothing could be better than to be in my dining room, choreographing while my sons are playing in the snow.  I can see them, they can see me and I can also choreograph at the same time. Sometimes I am choreographing Tango and sometimes other dances.  Granted it is distracting, but if I am happy than I am flowing.  Conveniently, the number that I am working on for the show "RENT" at the Egg in April requires a table and my dining room just happens to have one.  So there I am standing on the chairs and tables trying things out as the boys play outside.
      Last night I asked my husband for assistance and we were trying out a number of dance moves on the table.  Our dining room has windows on three sides and sidewalk pedestrians were left to wonder.  But, that's the advantage of getting older.  Can't worry about that.
       Earlier, I was out helping the boys dig tunnels into the snow. We dug from either side towards each other until we touched shovels. Younger son tried the tunnel first and then mom did. Wasn't sure I was going to fit, but I made it through the tunnel onto our side walk. 
       Prior to the snow fort building, we shoveled and had a snow ball fight parents against the kids (their choice).  The snow was perfect for packing and many snow balls hit their mark.  At one point, eldest son was down and we told him that if he stayed still and let us pelt him twenty times, we would take a few days off his grounding.  He had driven us to grounding him on Friday and somehow, I thought this would make us feel better. My husband did not count the throws unless we made contact with our son.  With no comment, he took the snowballs very well and lessened his sentence.  Questionable parenting, but a win-win nonetheless and a good laugh for all.
     Ahh - the doorbell rings.  The troops are storming the castle and ready for lunch.

Diane Lachtrupp Martinez


  1. It seems that you love to push the envelope in every project you are involved in. And you do it soooo well. You work hard and enjoy yourselves, a fun family. I love the way you write, especially how you describe the events/activities in detail. Look forward to your blog. Carmen

  2. Great take on the dual and often triple nature of parenting. It must be a very interesting household.