Tuesday, July 5, 2011


In earlier blogs, I talked about where to shop for gluten and dairy free products as well as restaurants that I have frequented that offer gluten-free entrees.  Here are a few updates to add to my previous listings.

Limoncello Restaurant at 1 Ballston Avenue in Saratoga Springs is now offering a variety of gluten – free pastas on their menu.  I have been asking them for awhile and it paid off.  Thanks!!
Mama Mia’s Pizza and CafĂ© at 185 Ballston Ave in Saratoga Springs has offered gluten – free pasta and pizza for some time now and has added gluten – free tiramisu to their menu.  Dessert for everyone.
Chianti Restaurant at 18 Division St. in Saratoga now has gluten-free pasta.  An opportunity to try all their great pasta toppings.
Beverly’s Restaurant at 47 Phila Street in Saratoga has added gluten –free baguette.  How much fun is that?  I had breakfast there last month and instead of just home fries, I was able to also have bread in the form of a gluten-free baguette.
Fifty South at 2128 Doubleday Avenue on Route 50 has been a maverick in the food allergy arena offering up gluten-free pastas and breads as well as being flexible in general.  What I did not know is that have gluten-free pancakes.  Excellent.

Wish – list!!  Now I know I have two arms and two legs, good hearing, 20/20 with my contacts, can still outrun my children (8 and 15) and have a lot to be grateful for physically, BUT if someone could invent some dairy – free brie, blue cheese, parmesan or mozzarella (remember, I am also allergic to soy) - I would be eternally grateful and probably five pounds heavier.  That is the only upside to being allergic to gluten, dairy and soy – it keeps your weight down about 8 pounds.
If I had a choice of my allergies – I would have soy first, gluten second and dairy third.  Unfortunately, I am the least allergic to soy and my allergies to dairy and gluten are very strong.  Although I do enjoy tofu and miso soup, I am not building one of my dinner parties around it.  As to gluten, I feel that there have been quite a few solid substitutes - corn, brown rice and quinoa pasta, brown rice and millet/flax bread, brown rice quesadillas, corn cereals and many wonderful flours to cook with.  AND NOW – with baguette – I am over the moon.  French, crusty, soft on the inside and fun to say.
Clearly – I need something to go with my baguette and brie is the first thing that comes to mind along with a strong Bordeaux. So far, the cheese substitutes that do not include soy are limited. 
To expand on my cheese desires, it would be fantastic if restaurants would keep a block of rice cheese on hand.  It comes in cheddar and mozzarella.  It is not interesting by itself, but melted you now have expanded the number of dishes that you could sell to a dairy –free customer.  Now you can make a panini, a pasta dish with melted cheese or a chicken parmesan.  The rice cheese can be frozen and either grated or sliced to suit your dish. 
Now many people are not allergic to soy like me, so keeping a little soy cheese on hand is a good idea as well.  Stop by Four Seasons at lunch time and take a look at some of the wonderful things they do with soy cheese in their plentiful lunch buffet.
Know any updates for restaurants offering gluten and dairy –free food or stores that are offering gluten and dairy – free products.  Please – let me know.

Diane Lachtrupp Martinez

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